Your website is the one place on the internet that you own & can curate the message. A well-designed web presence can give you a platform to share your services with prospects, sell your products and showcase your achievements.


With over 15 years of experience researching and designing for consumer needs across many industries - our understanding of your audience & their wants can be drawn from our interviews with nearly 3000 consumers at various stages of the purchase cycle.
Mapping out your ideal client personas and their customer journey with your brand is key to you understanding who you are marketing towards, how you service them and ultimately what they need from your company.


A website audit will evaluate the structure of your website through the lens of your ideal clients and their needs. We'll look at the navigation, photography and copy to put forward recommendations and opportunities that can be implemented through a website redesign or even minor adjustments on your own.


We strive to have your website be a continuation of your brand and give the platform to showcase your work. Our design philosophy is to extend the brand and tell a more holistic story giving you a foundation that is flexible, scalable and easy to evolve over time.


Jordan has been building websites since 2002, and has seen the gamut of content and needs from major to solopreneur brands. Proficient in several platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Showit & Shopify we can support you in your implementation needs to get your website updated & up and running.
For those needing a more secure offering depending on the client, we also host our own server that has added protection compared to a platform that is more publicly accessible.

The Process

Starting with a discovery call, we'll learn your needs and put together a custom proposal.
All our projects begin with an audit in order to understand where you are at and get an overview of your customers.
On average, website projects take between 2-4 months from discovery call to completed launched website.


Our clients typically invest between 4,000 - 10,000 on a custom designed website with ongoing support available on an hourly basis or monthly retainer.

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