Well, hello there!

Jordan here to welcome you into our world. I'm a maximalist designer with 15+ years of experience in advertising (website design, consumer research and user experience) who loves to supporting brands and bringing visions to life for events.

A Good Day was founded in 2014 as a creative outlet that has blossomed into a multi-faceted business creating projects for clients globally. I draw inspiration from Fashion, Art, Architecture, Film & TV, and Interior Design - really blending a lot of different references throughout our work.

Whether you're looking to refresh your branding, improve your business or inspire your guests & customers, I love a challenge (no two projects are ever the same with us) and getting to know you and your rich history & experiences.

If you'd like to invite Jordan to speak at your next event or workplace, please check out his Wedding Industry Speakers profile.

•I'm Canadian
•My background is Greek & Cypriot
•I'm the oldest of 3 brothers
•I married my husband of 12 years after 3 months of dating cause he's just that amazing
•We've got 2 awesome doggos - Buddha & Raven

fun facts:

•I constantly have music on - love me some Dua Lipa, Carly Rae Jepsen, ABBA, really anything pop-y
•Movies & TV Shows recharge & inspire me (hello Drag Race) - I wanted to be a production designer growing up so anything with high production value will draw me in
•Colour, Pattern, Texture give me life, you'll probably see me in a lot of contrasting colours and patterns when we meet in person
•Foodies who love to travel are some of my fave peeps - please share all the best places you've eaten at & visited

favourite things:

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